Electronic payment on mobile is evolving with the growth of the Internet as a powerful and dynamic communications and commerce medium. IndiaPay is a high value-add service enabling shop owners, companies, banks as well as their customers to realize significant savings and efficiency using mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Companies benefit by reducing their marketing costs, go to market time, payment processing and collection effort and banks by reducing transaction costs and better customer service. Customers also benefit with better control over their payments as well as luxury ordering over mobile from anywhere.
Who can partner
Retail Shop owners interested in expanding quickly and acquire larger customer base, run customer loyalty programs, have branches across one or multiple cities and receiving a large number of payments for services offered, viz. telephone companies, cellular phone companies, insurance companies, ISPs, etc can use IndiaPay to offer a convenient service to customers.
Banks can use the IndiaPay infrastructure to offer quick mobile expansion for acquiring all types of transactions, mobile marketing and quick expansion without having the complexity to manage multitude of relationships.
Portal/ destination sites can add IndiaPay mobile app platform and payment consolidation to their menu of services.
IndiaPay partners with businesses, banks, consolidators and portals to provide consumers with the ability to pay any one from mobile from anywhere at any time, using any cellphone. IndiaPay can easily integrate with partner sites to extend their suite of services with a comprehensive mobile app development, secured domestic and international payment and management solution.
To learn more about how IndiaPay would benefit you or to offer cashless mobile service to your customers, please contact us at partners@indiapay.com  

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