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International Payments Solution for Online Marketplaces and Exporters

Sending Money to India from US

mobile-web-storeIf you offer online Ecommerce focused on goods like Indian garments, Fashion Apparel and export oriented items to the NRI community, you know how difficult it is to accept their payments in USD. Be it a Credit/Debit card or bank account, IndiaPay’s payments solutions provides a smooth payment experience to charge NRI customers for your sales. Working with leading banks in India, IndiaPay offers most flexible platform for marketplaces and exporters to process payments online.
mobile-paymentsIndiaPay Remittance Platform is a unique solution for NRI’s living in US to transfer money to India. IndiaPay Remittance Account is the most flexible way of sending money from US bank account to your bank account in a, Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka and Dubai.  IndiaPay offers a simple, turnkey solution to do the money transfer with optimized control on best exchange rate using internet as well as mobile.

40+ Branches Across India

Customize your Payment Solutions

anytime-anywhereIf you are a corporate and like to get a better handle on your account receivables, IndiaPay provides turnkey solutions for daily customer collections and agent reconciliation with latest advance of mobile technologies. Your agents will be able to do instant deposit of funds to your account using IndiaPay platform. For local support, we provide custom solutions to large corporate utilizing our 40+ branches.
visa-master-expressOur hosted platform is a PCI Level 1 certified platform across 3 different data centers. IndiaPay Payment Network is built to process Online, Retail, MOTO and Mobile/IVR payments with more than 25 auth networks globally including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can customize our payment offerings as required.
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